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1. Definitions & Services

CoinTrend.me is a platform for supplying real-time cryptocurrency trading statistics including but not limited to the following data:

    1. Cryptocurrency and their derivatives arbitrage possibilities;
    2. Cryptocurrency and their derivatives trading quotes;
    3. Cryptocurrency and their derivatives cross-rates;
    4. Cryptocurrency and their derivatives trading market data;

Our service allows you to analyze and use presented data for your own purposes. Our mission is to provide any cryptocurrency stakeholder with accurate and up-to-date information.

2. Third Party Services & Content

If you see any mistakes, you are welcome to inform us.

All materials are for informational purposes only and should not be treated as investment advice. CoinTrend.me shall not be liable for any losses (monetary or otherwise) resulting from inferences, decisions or any other form of use of its data.

CoinTrend.me is not responsible for:

    1. The accuracy and truthfulness of any data received from 3-rd parties (including but not limited to exchanges);
    2. Any of the content found in ads that are placed by 3-rd parties on the CoinTrend.me website;

3. Copyrights statement

Any entity wishing to use our data for the purposes of:

    1. Showing data from the website in public;
    2. Duplicating, copying or otherwise using our information for commercial purposes;
    3. Selling, renting or sub-licensing data from our website;

should indicate that the data originated from the CoinTrend.me project by either indicating the link to CoinTrend.me or by applying the CoinTrend.me logo to the materials.

4. Privacy and Cookie policy

We are committed to protecting privacy of our users.

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