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McAfee Introduces His Own Fiat Currency And It’s Not A Hoax

The businessman and crypto attorney shook Twitter with his announcement of “McAfee Coin” – a collectible fiat currency with his face on it. On May 29 McAfee posted a “fake dollar” created by SmartPayMint, a cryptocurrency exchange, and declared that it was an odd coincidence since the next day he was going to announce the issuance of his currency read more

Researchers Detected a Cryptocurrency Scam on Twitter

Researchers Detected a Cryptocurrency Scam on Twitter

Analysts have uncovered a gigantic botnet that imitates existing legitimate accounts on Twitter to spread a cryptocurrency "giveaway" scam.

Tricky Cryptocurrency Giveaway

 According to ITPro, the scam was discovered by Duo Security that took 88 million Twitter accounts from May to July into consideration utilizing machine learning to detect bots. The group ran into a single network consisting of over 15,000 bots that spread cryptocurrency giveaway.

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