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Smart Solutions for the Smart Cities

Smart Solutions for the Smart Cities

Once we stop associating Blockchain with cryptocurrency only, we will see the nearly unlimited potential of the distributed ledger. Multiple countries are developing innovative projects intended to create a comfortable ambiance for citizens, and make a large range of processes easier, cheaper, faster and erase the need for uncountable intermediaries. 

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Fantastic Growth of Blockchain Industry in China

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology states that the domestic blockchain industry saw a fantastic growth last year. 

178 new blockchain startups have been launched in 2017, which makes 465 in total. The notable progress is led by the improvement of the crypto regulation in China, and today the new sector is boosting the development of industries, helps bring down expenses and raise the efficiency. As an example of China generously funding the industry, last month the government of Hangzhou decided to invest more than $400 mln in a Hangzhou-based venture capital firm known as Tunlan Investment, to facilitate the growth of Blockchain startups and projects. To the publishment date, China has the most blockchain patents in the world. 

What does Blockchain have to do with democracy in Russia

O slowly slowly rose she up… and moved towards democracy. 

Russia’s long way to the world’s trust is taking a new turn. The «what is going on up there?!» land has been gradually adopting Western habits since the latest Middle Ages, and in today’s world, the most important improvement for Russia has to be the rights, or, to be more precise, the people’s opinion on the country’s internal policy. 

Moscow, the biggest Russian city with the largest population (12 million residents), has launched a platform giving people the opportunity to participate in the urban development, be actually heard and counted. A program named Active Citizen allows residents to cast votes for measures ranging from the housing relocation to voting in which they get to put their condominium on the list of buildings to be reconstructed to the color of the new seats in a sports arena. 

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A Floating Utopia – Or Not?

A Floating Utopia – Or Not?

Oppressed by governments, slave owners, social inequality and unjust laws people have always dreamt of a place where everyone would be free. After realizing that leaving this planet is not an easy get-away plan, people started imagining utopian cities right here, on Earth. read more