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A Hacker Sold 63,000 Cards’ Data For Cryptocurrency

The 26-year-old hacker Grant West from Great Britain used phishing attacks to steal the data of 63,000 bank cards by sending emails in the name of a food delivery company, and gullible victims entered their cards’ numbers to order non-existent food. After obtaining the data, Grant West sold it on DarkNet platform Alpha Bay. The thief was sentenced to 10 years and 8 months in prison, while his bitcoins worth $600,000 are taken away. 

1 Million Computers Taken over by Hackers

1 Million Computers Taken over by Hackers

A cryptocurrency mining malware had operated for 2 years not being noticed until now. The virus infected over a million computers in China and brought $2 million to its creators, according to a local news report

Cybercriminals created and embedded the malware inside internet browser plug-ins they had previously developed for diverse purposes. The police of China’s Da Lan city arrested 20 suspects who had profited from mining on a large number of seized computers. Since minor cryptocurrencies require less power, the backend mining processes are quieter and are yet to be noticed by computer owners, which explains the longlasting crime's stealthiness.