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Consensus 2018

This year Consensus, a large annual crypto conference, will take place in Hilton hotel, New York. The event may draw more than 7000 people, and around 250 of them will be speakers. 

Other than experts, Consensus will bring enthusiasts, journalists, governors together. On the agenda, there will be the SEC’s impact on the market, Blockchain government, the latest changes and new possible decentralized solutions. 

Consensus can be compared to the G8 Summit due to its credibility. It is expected to fuel the market. Last year, Bitcoin rose 69% during the conference, and 138% 2 months afterwards. 

Organized by CoinDesk, Consensus is held for the fourth time. 

There Is A Lot More Fiat Crimes Than Crypto, – Mary Beth Buchanan Says

We should “get rid of the negative connotations”, said Mary Beth Buchanan, former U.S Federal Prosecutor about Bitcoin on Monday, June 4 at the conference Money20/20 Europe in Amsterdam

In the past, she used to deal with a great number of crimes and states that saying there are more crypto crimes than usual ones is rather unfair, since, unlike fiat, cryptocurrency can be traced. read more

We All Are In A Bubble

This year Block Show Europe conference is taking place in the capital of Germany. One of the speakers, Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales, has expressed his skeptic vision of cryptocurrency and blockchain:

“...Right now, we are in a bubble, the crypto world is absolutely, definitely in a bubble. I don’t think there’s many people who would deny that.” Wales doesn’t predict when will the bubble pop, but most importantly, as he says, it will.