Whatever coins: playing around cryptocurrency

Whatever coins: playing around cryptocurrency

The world has been watching the crypto market growing at an insane pace, and new coins are born every day. While some ICO-enthusiasts put much effort in creating a proper trust-worthy reputation, others take cryptocurrencies easy. 

We collected the brightest examples of ICOs that hadn’t regard any formalities but had added some humour to things that don’t usually seem to be funny.  

Meme coins 

The 21st century’s unexpected comeback to the pictograms and cave paintings, – memes, pioneered a series of cryptocurrencies based around them. A famous on the Net meme of dog of Shiba Inu breed became a “face” of DogeCoin, whose market capitalization now is more than 573 million dollars. Another meme coin is PepeCash inspired by Pepe the Frog. It serves as a currency on the Pepedirectory platform designed to store and exchange rare cards with Pepe.

Sex coins 

According to its website, SexCoin “is the first industry-specific cryptocurrency targeted at the entertainment industry for adults.” It is used to buy a certain type of toys and porn movies, and is pretty popular – SexCoin is the 380th in the ranking, and its capitalization is a little more than a million dollars.

Drug coins 

Among the number of weird coins, we find ones such as PotCoin, CannabisCoin, and others that are intended to be used in the legal cannabis industry.  

What the hell coins  

Unobtanium is mined on the fictional moons of Pandora and used to help Aaron Eckhart make it all the way to The Core. Its website claims: “Unobtanium is the platinum to Bitcoin's gold…a single piece of digital rock made up of a unique cryptographic material…a new element." The metal of cryptocurrencies is rare thus precious. Only 250,000 Uno coins will ever be mined over the next 300 years. You’re in luck if you love both garlic bread and cryptocurrencies – they’ve got the token just for you: Garlicoin! The coin is born from memes and is forked from Litecoin.

Political coins 

Nearly everyone’s eyes are fixed on the screens watching the world politics happen. Two leaders, Putin and Trump, inspired multiple cryptocurrencies – PutinCoin, PutinClassic and TrumpCoin

Religion and Blockchain 

You all remember the times of indulgence? They are back now. By having Jesuscoin in your wallet you are guaranteed to enter paradise. Its website states that Jesus Christ himself is the founder, and Apostle Paul is responsible for PR. 

The most sincere coin 

Launching an ICO, you must explain to people what do they need your coin for – how can it be possibly used in real life? The creators of Useless Ethereum Token justify their ICO by the fact that they want to buy themselves something like a large screen TV. What’s funny – the coin’s token sale managed to raise 270 thousand dollars. 

The amazingly diverse cryptocurrency world seems to be a way of self-expression for their creators, and time will show whether it’s good or bad.

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