West Virginia to Enable American Troops Overseas to Vote on Blockchain

West Virginia to Enable American Troops Overseas to Vote on Blockchain

A mobile app based on blockchain will enable American troops serving abroad to cast their votes in West Virginia in the federal elections this November.  

Just Take a Selfie

Using facial recognition software, the platform named Voatz will match users’ "selfie-style video of their face" to their government-issued IDs, as indicated by CNN. Once endorsed, voters will be permitted to cast their ballot on the application. Then, votes will be anonymized and stored on the blockchain.

Voatz is a startup based in Boston. It brings together internet-based voting and blockchain to support citizen engagement and handle low participation in local elections.

West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner remarked that nobody deserves the right to vote more than those who “put their lives on the line for us.” The application will not replace conventional balloting, as clarified Warner, but facilitate the voting system.

Wherever You Are, Whoever You are

Voatz co-founder and CEO Nimit Sawhney explained that Voatz has been working to ensure that the platform can be accessed by anyone, regardless of location or socioeconomic status. The system allows using 10 various types of government-issued IDs, besides the major ones – driver’s licenses, state IDs, and passports.

State authorities ran a pilot of the Voatz earlier for troops in Harrison and Monongalia districts, and the outcomes were satisfactory.

Blockchain Serving Local Elections

Earlier, CoinTrend reported on the first blockchain-based vote taking place in Zug, Switzerland. Citizens voted via their smartphones, and the test was successfully completed.

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