Watch Out for Artificial Intelligence

Watch Out for Artificial Intelligence

Taking the opportunity to write here on Cointrend I would like to bring up an essential for 2018 topic: artificial intelligence and how Blockchain could improve it.  

Let’s take a close look at Artificial Intelligence from a user’s point of view. We’ve all noticed how our privacy is being attacked but we keep ignoring those pesky long texts and putting checkmarks under them. Centralized giants, such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, utilize Machine Learning to collect our personal data and decide what ad or whose publications to show depending on our interests. So basically the most common use of artificial intelligence is dispensing personal data. Doesn’t sound like fun, eh?

Once googling a certain thing you tell your browser to make it show up on all social media you use, for the rest of your life. 

Blockchain is intended to store all data safely, isn’t it? So, let’s imagine it would fix the reputation of artificial intelligence. The decentralized concept of Blockchain could work here very well: data would be analyzed and stored in the distributed ledger and controlled by nobody, neither one of those large companies. The one who decides whether sharing or not his data is the user. Companies, by the way, spend a lot to treat user’s data properly on the terms of the law, and Blockchain would help reduce those expenses. 

Blockchain would make AI understandable: sometimes its logic isn’t clear for human, and we need to track its steps. 

Some startups are already using those two and reaching (or planning to reach) the highest results. So, what I wanted to share is the optimism towards or data’s future and belief in the technologies of Blockchain and artificial intelligence. Watch out, future is here! Just let it in.

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