Three Chinese Hackers Accused of Stealing $87 Million in Crypto

Three Chinese Hackers Accused of Stealing $87 Million in Crypto

Chinese police have captured 3 people who had reportedly stolen bitcoins and other digital currencies worth approximately $87 million.

Tracking Down the Suspects

Chinese media Xinhua reported that the three were arrested on August 15 after a months-long investigation.

As indicated by the report, someone identified as Zhang complained to the police in the northwestern city of Xi'an in March about his computer being hacked and crypto assets valued at around $14.5 million – stolen.

The police, with the help of anonymous web companies, found a suspect, who, as they claim, had made a remote cyberattack to transfer the assets from Zhang's computer. Later on, the investigation revealed that his two alleged accomplices were profoundly skilled hackers.

The three were blamed for having completed a series of illegal cyber intrusions into corporate and individual systems to obtain crypto funds estimated to amount of about $87 million.

Previous Cases

Last month, police in China's Dalian city likewise captured 20 suspects from an IT company who purportedly utilized crypto mining malware to infected over a million computers and allegedly earned more than $2 million within two years.

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