The new threat: WannaMine

Scared of WannaCry? Watch out, a new threat WannaMine is already released. The virus is based on EternalBlue and it can sneak into a computer after a careless click or even distantly. It uses Mimikatz to get an access to log-ins and passwords and can paralyse a system for days and even weeks. Bryan York told CrowdStrike that previously EternalBlue was used only by hackers of the governmental level, but lately we can see regular cyber criminals use it. In 2017 WannaCry struck computers in 150 countries, and the total damage was approximately $1 billion. WannaMine differs from the forbear by its approach: instead of blocking data, it launches a hidden mining process that leads to the increased load on a user’s computer. Usually similar viruses mine Monero and ZCash due to the profitable way of mining. Almost every type of computer can become a victim.