The largest ICO ever: what is Telegram preparing for us

Officially Telegram team didn’t comment on their plans, but here is something that we know about TON (Telegram Open Network) and Pavel Durov’s cryptocurrency. 

The team is planning to launch multiple services on TON platform between the end of 2018 and 2021. Telegram itself, however, will be pushed to the back. The new cryptocurrency will require ID verification, but safe and confidential. A new payment system Light Wallet will be built-in Telegram apps, and process of the currency purchases will be controlled by bots. The team intends to create an advertisement rialto, where payment will be proceeded in cryptocurrency Gram. According to the company, the world lacks an affordable cryptocurrency for mass audience for everyday payments. TON considers itself as a competitor for VISA and MasterCard, considering the high speed of transactions. The first token will be sold for $0,1, the further — the more expensive. But not earlier than in 2019. The company replaces miners with "validators", and provides specific conditions that will allow one to become a validator. Among them — a certain amount in the account. The minimum investment is $20 million, reports Vedomosti. And, according to Bloomberg, during pre-sales tokens will be 50% less. 

To sum up — the new ICO has all chances to become the largest ever.