The CEO of Tron: Stop Using Ethereum, Come to the Tron Side

The CEO of Tron: Stop Using Ethereum, Come to the Tron Side

The CEO of the Tron blockchain and coin (TRX) told decentralized application (DApp) developers to stop using Ethereum platform and start deploying their DApps on The Tron blockchain instead.

Twitter user Afri Schoedon published a tweet in which stated: 

And got replies from the CEO of Tron and from the inventor of Ethereum.

Justin Sun asked DApp developers to use Tron blockchain as it is “100 times faster than ETH and fully compatible with Ethereum”. While the co-founder and the inventor of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin disagreed with the user’s tweet and tried to explain his position:

Values and Beliefs

Despite bringing a lot of developments to the blockchain projects, the value of the TRX coin is very unstable. Justin Sun and the development team of Tron have been working on increasing the awareness and adoption of the coin. There are some reasons that can help the digital currency to grow in the market. First of all, the social media sentiment and awareness of the coin is greatly improving. Secondly, the digital currency is securing more partnerships and getting more support from trading platforms. Finally, Justin Sun has promised to show the coin growth exponentially.

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