The CEO of Sberbank against cryptocurrencies ban

The CEO of Sberbank (Russia) Herman Gref declared that forbidding cryptocurrencies is a rushed act. "It is necessary to create an atmosphere where regulations, that don’t create anything themselves, won’t ruin what already exists…". What’s more,  Gref suggests to spread the knowledge about cryptocurrencies and warn people that it is not the right way to increase capital but "a lottery. Yet."

"There’s no way cryptocurrencies must be forbidden. They beget the entirely new technology which we are not ready to understand." — explains the CEO, — "We need tolerance, patience. And we need cooperation." 

Gref brought up the history of auto: "When the first cars appeared on the streets of New York, London and Moscow, did we have Traffic Laws? Don’t rush. We should maintain a comfortable ambience around Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies,"— concluded he.