State of India Adopting Blockchain Technology for Governmental Operations

State of India Adopting Blockchain Technology for Governmental Operations

As a blockchain innovation trailblazer in the subcontinent, the Indian state of Telangana has signed MoUs (Memorandum of Understanding) with diverse blockchain-based startups and experts to enlarge the use of the prospering technology in administrative operations.

Making State Administration See-Through

Telangana's I.T. and Industries head Jayesh Ranjan mentioned the implementation of blockchain in "six or seven" government applications. Previously, the state had tested blockchain-based land registry and pension platforms to increase transparency and decrease the risk of frauds in two spheres dominated by intermediaries.

According to Ranjan, moving to platforms based on blockchain excludes the murkiness of administrative sectors allowing citizens to track sensitive information and pinpoint the advance of basic applications. Rajan did not name any region of implementation yet, rendering any assumptions as an insignificant theory.

Telangana's Blockchain Effort  

Telangana is viewed as a standout amongst the most proficient and groundbreaking states in India. The region’s capital city of Hyderabad is home to multiple I.T. companies, employing a huge number of skilled specialists from all over the world. Grasping blockchain technology is an augmentation of the state's innovation push.

As detailed by CCN, Telangana's blockchain-based land registry platform was seen as one “where anyone can see who holds the land.” The protocol was converged with the state's revenue department to guarantee end-to-end transparency of records while focusing the “integrity of the information.”

The State’s Success in Cryptocurrency Research

The Indian Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad, one of the nation's head educational foundations, was included into Ripple's $50 million educational grant in June 2018, for expanding research and development in the industry of blockchain and cryptographic money.


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