South Korean Judges Form the Blockchain Law Society

South Korean Judges Form the Blockchain Law Society

Judges, lawmakers and industry specialists in South Korea are shaping a group to discuss legitimate issues associated with blockchain.

Topics to Be Discussed

Named the Blockchain Law Society, the group is holding its founding meeting on August 24 in the Seoul Central District Court. Members will bring up both regulatory issues around blockchain and its use cases in the lawful space.

First things to be discussed are blockchain's use in accounting and taxation, legal issues concerning smart contracts, research on blockchain legislation and a regulatory sandbox for startups.

The Group’s Mission

Jung-yeop Lee, the directing judge of the district court in the city of Daejeon, created the association as an industry-drove initiative expected to foster discourse inside the South Korea’s justice and legislative arms, as indicated in the press release.  

The Blockchain Law Society was founded not exclusively to ponder blockchain innovation from a lawful angle, but to additionally advance interdisciplinary collaborations across different fields, including financial industry and engineering.

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