Sony to File Patents on Blockchain-Focused Devices

Sony to File Patents on Blockchain-Focused Devices

Japanese leading tech company Sony is to patent 2 hardware approaches for facilitating and maintaining blockchains.

The two filings named "Electronic Node and Method for Maintaining a Distributed Ledger" and "Device and System" are uncovering that the organization is working on blockchain-related hardware concepts. Potentially, these devices will be included in a future product. Earlier, Sony has filed patent applications focused on blockchain use cases, such as education data management and security.

Maintaining Blockchain

The first filing contains two components: a hardware node and a technique for maintaining the blockchain, which the company describes as a "mining process." Indeed, the nodes will manage a system that is pretty much the same as bitcoin's – an open-access network with a token.

However, this doesn’t mean Sony is necessarily launching its cryptocurrency. Even so, the company is open to this possibility, since the proposed innovation could serve that need.

Increasing Security

The second application, "Gadget and System," is focused on the security risks in a system with only a small number of nodes. Basically, Sony is proposing to boost the number using virtual nodes, since "the number of devices accessing and contributing to the distributed ledger may be small, such that security issues occur." The proposed device would host 10, 100 or a larger number of virtual nodes, meaning 10 times more than the number of actual devices.  

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