Philips Research Intends to Implement Blockchain into Medicine

Philips Research Intends to Implement Blockchain into Medicine

Medical Industry struggles two main problems to step in future technologies: the coherence and security of healthcare data.

A group of the researchers from Philips Research tries to convince the medical authorities that blockchain can solve both of these problems.

This summer  Orlando-based Orthopedic Center exposed private data of more than 19,000 patients due to cybersecurity breach. As well as healthcare company Nuance which also unintentionally opened an access to more than 45,000 patient information.


Healthcare Industry + Blockchain = Friends

Mark Hennessy, the lead researcher at Philips Research stressed that blockchain could eliminate such leak-cases and increase the security of patient records. Hennessy said Philips Research was developing a blockchain-backed platform that would separate, secure and give a recorded data until it is necessary:

“This is what we call ‘verifiable data exchange’ because you’ve got the actual audit trail of the request and the fulfillment of the request for data recorded.”

The goal of the researches right now is to dissipate skepticism among medical sphere workers and follow the great motto – “to make the world a better place”. 

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