No more ads: let's mine instead

Salon Media Group, a fearless digital journal, came up with a revolutionary for mass media idea. Like most, it depends on ads. Considering the mass use of ad blocks, the traditional advertisement is not that profitable anymore, but on Monday, on its blog, it had introduced a solution to readers: to avoid ads but maintain the freeness of the portal, it is going to exploit reader computers' energy to mine.

‘’We realize that specific technological developments now mean that it is not merely the reader’s eyeballs that have value to our site — it’s also your computer’s ability to make calculations, too. Indeed, your computer itself can help support our ability to pay our editors and journalists.’’ 

The journal also mentions what impact will the innovative solution have: 

‘’Your spare computing power can even help analyze astronomical signals to figure out if extraterrestrials are trying to contact us. Some scholars have proposed using spare computing power to help secure voting and verify the integrity of democratic elections.’’ 

Full information about the safety and privacy that the journal guarantees you can see on their blog.