It will completely change the landscape of the travel market: TravelChain

Once one decides to travel, what is the very first thing to do? Both newbies and experienced travelers browse the Net in order to be aware of loopholes and dangers. There’s already a bunch of platforms made for voyagers to share their experiences, but what if there is something that will completely, according to the founder, change the landscape of the travel market? 

Ilya Orlov is the one who came up with the idea of the creation of a platform TravelChain built on graphene-based Blockchain — a data exchange for the travel industry, where travelers get rewarded for sharing. In tokens, obviously. Data will be kept on travelers’ profiles, so-called "passports". They may contain such info as preferences in places, food, entertainments around the world. “Traveler Passport” is a key component of TravelChain functioning. It is a model with distributed trust which allows you to form an image of another person without being acquainted personally.” 

The service is already collaborating with large companies such as IZI.Travel,,, and aims to provide a safe platform for small and medium-sized businesses. “We have ambitious plans for 2018. The key point is that we do not compete with anyone, we are striving to make the market and services better by integrating the industry," — says Ilya Orlov.

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