Honeyminer Making Crypto Mining Easy

Honeyminer Making Crypto Mining Easy

Honeyminer, a crypto mining application that gives clients the chance to earn bitcoin with laptops, is quickly gaining popularity.

Rapid Success

The app was launched in June, and its client base has reached 50,000 since then. A third of the new users are located in developing markets, and 5 percent hail from Africa, according to the company.

"We've stumbled into something that was far bigger and more international than we imagined." Honeyminer co-founder stated.

A customer from Kenya, Steven, replied to a survey saying he is utilizing Honeyminer to acquire his first bitcoin stash.

"I've had an interest in bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain but I never quite understood what they meant. I am trying to raise money to buy a more powerful gaming desktop in the future where I can earn an average of $3 – $4 per day. So far I am one happy miner.”

Technical Features of Honeyminer

This flow of customers is demonstrating that the mining pool software can work on laptops with 1,100 diverse kinds graphics processing unit (GPU) cards, as indicated by Honeyminer co-founder Larry Kom. The app converts mining rewards from GPU-mineable cryptocurrencies like ether and zcash into bitcoin and afterward stores it directly in clients' digital wallets.

Nostalgia for the Early Times

What’s so interesting about Honeyminer is that you don’t need to “do the math” or any manual work – the app makes crypto mining easy and enables users to earn little amounts of digital money without investing, which brings back the taste of cryptocurrency’s old days.


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