Have You Heard of Bitcoin? Research by IMG

Have You Heard of Bitcoin? Research by IMG

As blockchain-based technologies are being developed at a faster pace every day, the popularity of cryptocurrency grows in a geometric progression. ING International Survey prepared a research named “Cracking the code on cryptocurrency”, in which examines people’s engagement in the crypto industry. They carried out a survey across Europe, the United States, and Australia, and here are the results:

Between 2017 and 2018, when Bitcoin had reached its peak in price – $20,000, cryptocurrency became known by the majority. Awareness is highest in Austria (79%) and Poland (77%), while only in Belgium it is beneath 50%. In the United States, the popularity of cryptocurrency is noticeably lower than in most European countries and Australia. The researchers note that the lower income per capita country has, the higher interest in crypto is. As for age and sex, men between 25 and 44 years old are more likely to be aware of cryptocurrency. Yet being aware doesn’t mean owning cryptocurrency, and the stats show that in Europe only 9% took a risk to obtain Bitcoin. Yes, risk: most respondents perceive Bitcoin (the first and biggest cryptocurrency) as a riskier investment than cash, gold real estate, government bonds and any other traditional way to increase capital. But what’s interesting, Bitcoin remains the main choice within all respondents of any sex or age. 

As a cryptocurrency-oriented mass media, we paid attention to the preferred sources of information in different countries. Results show that in 11 out of 15 countries people seek data on specialist websites, while In Spain, France and Luxembourg people turn to financial or bank advisors. 

It is still uncertain what will be the future relationship between cryptocurrency and investors, but we can see that the enthusiasm is growing among all segments of people who seek for new technologies to improve their lives. 


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