CryptoKitties Raise $15,000 For A Children's Hospital

An act of charity initiated by a 10-year-old Bella helped raise 21.6 ether tokens for the Seattle Children’s hospital in April 2018. The amount collected would equal $15,000, but to the press time had turned into $13,000.

Bella's Kitty Den is a marketplace for CryptoKitties run by the girl together with her father. Originally the campaign began as a way "to do good" with the kitties she owned. Today CryptoKitties community “absolutely hope” that the act will inspire future charitable events. 

"Seeing something like this be inspired by our game is all the more reason for us to keep moving forward with our vision of bringing a billion people to the blockchain," said Yasmine Nadery, Axiom Zen spokesperson. 

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