Blockchain Is the New Superstar: Cryptos Getting Their Own TV Show

Blockchain Is the New Superstar: Cryptos Getting Their Own TV Show

Cryptocurrency ascents and falls from grace, and perhaps the comeback story of the year as Bitcoin survives the assault of abuse from regulators and cynics is nothing short of Hollywood drama. An industry platform the Bitcoinist is introducing a crypto’s own show: Coincast TV starring Blockchain and Bitcoin.

The Crypto Show Produced by the Professionals  

The new weekly business tv program is set to showcase blockchain firms, crypto assets, and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) to an audience all over the world, as indicated by the Bitcoinist.

Coincast TV, made by ICO advisor DigitalX and a reputable crypto business news platform Multiplier Crypto, will be broadcast on Sky News Business and syndicated crosswise over Apple TV, the Wall St Journal and related social platforms, reaching around 200 million watchers globally.

Imagine CNBC Combined with MTV: This Is What It’s Like

The program will profile Blockchain organizations, give top to bottom market investigation and the most recent Blockchain news with an emphasis on business news coverage to educate viewers and grow the market.

DigitalX CEO Leigh Travers stated: “Coincast TV will be a half-hour, weekly Blockchain news program, featuring sponsored news content from Blockchain and cryptocurrency businesses around the world.” Coincast TV executive producer Heidi Cuthbert portrayed the new program as 'CNBC meets MTV'.

The show will air weekly on Sky News Business in Australia at 7.30pm (EST) on Friday evenings repeating during the weekend.  The first episode will go to air on Friday, 10 August 2018.

The Show’s Goals

The makers of the show said that they expected to help a large number of watchers around the globe to wind up mindful of all the potential that the blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) have in the market in a more in-depth way.

As the majority of the world does not know how to utilize the blockchain innovation or what it actually is, the focal idea is that the masses can be taught via the show. Other than Blockchain, Bitcoin is probably going to be the superstar of cryptos on TV, among altcoins.

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