BlackBerry Produced Blockchain Solution For Healthcare Storage

BlackBerry Produced Blockchain Solution For Healthcare Storage

BlackBerry Who?

Do you remember the time when BlackBerry was the most popular and desirable smartphone? Yes, that was before the iPhone era. Now BlackBerry transitioned to an enterprise software and services company and introduced a blockchain-backed platform that is supposed to provide you healthcare service.

Patient Card in Your Pocket

According to the press release, BlackBerry and ONEBIO created an ecosystem for storing and sharing medical data. 

"We are applying our expertise in security, data privacy, and communication work in regulated industries such as automotive, financial services, and government to tackle one of the biggest challenges in the healthcare industry: leveraging healthcare endpoints to improve patient outcomes while ensuring security and data privacy," stated John Chen, Executive Chairman and CEO of BlackBerry.

Medical information can be added by patients, doctors, laboratories, and Internet of Things (IoT) biometric devices. The system is fully secured and entered data is anonymized. 

Back in the Game

BlackBerry also releases a new smartphone BlackBerry Evolve this October. The new BlackBerry phone has 16 megapixel camera for Selfies and two 13 megapixels back cameras. The smartphone will be available only on Amazon. has already informed you about the use of the blockchain technology. It seems that we are entering the future today, tomorrow and always. 

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