A Floating Utopia – Or Not?

A Floating Utopia – Or Not?

Oppressed by governments, slave owners, social inequality and unjust laws people have always dreamt of a place where everyone would be free. After realizing that leaving this planet is not an easy get-away plan, people started imagining utopian cities right here, on Earth.

Creating a country doesn’t seem to be a big deal, but no country can exist without an officially recognized currency. 

And here comes blockchain. 

The first country to create a national cryptocurrency will be the Marshall Islands. The Republic of the Marshall Islands is a sovereign country in the Pacific. Сompared to El Petro, their currency is considered to be the only legitimate one. Sovereign (SOV) is going to prove that the idea of using cryptocurrency to pay for goods and services is more than realistic. 

Another break-through idea was generated by two companies – BlueFrontiers and SeaSteading that promise to create a new independent society that lives on an island floating in the Pacific. They aim to build a community with no prejudice but open to changes and technical progress. According to their plan, someone who’s not happy with the community can just take their house and float away. 

Now let’s hope the dreamy projects work out and change this pesky world.

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